Saturday, October 14, 2017


I was reading the news the other morning and came across a piece about this Kalevala blanket designed as part of the Finland 100, that is one of the projects honoring Finland's 100th year of independence this year.

How gorgeous are these promotional pictures?
The pattern is completely free. It's made of separate squares, that you can mix and match as you please. They release a new square twice a week I think, until independence day in December. There's a Facebook group, where you can post your square or you can tag them at Instagram with #kalevalacal. So, it's meant to be a  sort of crochet-along, but you can also do it at your own pace since the patterns will be available at the website later on, too.The patterns are available in English and in several other languages too. 

The blanket is named Kalevala after the Finnish national epic of the same name, and each square is presenting some piece of it. They include a bit of the text, too, with the pattern.

I really like the natural linen color in these picture, but on Facebook someone was making a totally black one, and that looked amazing too.
My favorite square so far is this one called Ahto
I'm really itching to make one, but I'm currently a bit overwhelmed with life. But I'm totally bookmarking this for later use.

Friday, October 13, 2017


Finland is all about Moomins and the Moomin mug is a kind of institution here. The company that makes them, Arabia, comes out with several new designs each year. And some people collect all of them. 

I do have several I've gotten as gifts, you can see them here. But myself, I just collect the winter ones. They come out with just one new design each year, so it stays manageable. 

I got into collecting them quite accidentally, I got one as a gift, then bought  the next one myself and then thought, hmm it might be a fun tradition to have a special set of mugs for Christmas time. To drink glögg out of (my favorite Christmas time drink). I now have five mugs, including this new one and I don't think I'll go on with this habit forever. I might stop after six, that seems like a good amount. Or maybe I'll just buy the prettiest ones from then on. We'll see. But having dozens of mugs just doesn't appeal to me.

Anyway, above is the mug for 2017. It isn't very Christmasy in the traditional sense, but I like the clean white and blue based design. And the Moomins make them a bit whimsical.

Tuesday, October 3, 2017


I've had my Fitbit Flex for over two years now, and I love it still. 

It's an activity tracker that you wear on your wrist, though I mostly wear it on my ankle, and it counts (somewhat accurately) the steps you take. The aim is to take 10 000 steps a day, or you can set any other step goal you want. I've heard 10k for health, 15k for weight loss.

Since getting pregnant I stopped doing pretty much all other exercise except walking. I know it would be good to do some weight lighting too, buuuuuut... For now, I just walk. I really feel that my Fitbit combined with breastfeeding made all the pregnancy weight just slide off without any dieting.

The beauty of Fitbit is that it counts the steps you take and you can take the steps any time that suits you. You don't have to walk for an hour at a time, just pay attention and get the steps in during the day and you are golden.  It's a great way to increase your activity level without having to exercise per se. So if you have a few minutes here and there during the day that's enough! Great when you have a kid. 

Just wearing the Fitbit pushes me to get more steps. I wear it all the time and am kind of bummed when I have to take it off for charging or showering. I mean, is there any point in even moving if I'm not wearing my Fitbit?
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